(Aulani x Rabna)
AHR #12488
Aug 7, 1957 ~ May 17, 1979
Chestnut stallion
80.08% Crabbet
13.67% non Crabbet English
6.25% French

Perhaps Aurab was a phenomenon. I consider him to have been, overall, the best
Arabian stallion I have seen; I carry his images in my mind as a gauge by which to
compare all others. I sometimes feel that, for me, he may have been the apex of his breed.
~Carol Woodbridge Mulder~

When seeing Aurab for the first time just one month shy of his 20th birthday,
Lady Anne Lytton, daughter of Lady Wentworth, and granddaughter of the Blunts
said of Aurab "the most nearly perfect Arab that she had ever seen, and that
he epitomized the horse Crabbet Stud had tried to breed for nearly 100 years."

I have owned many horses in my day and some I thought were outstanding, but until Aurab
I had never had one which had all the qualities one wants in a horse.He was the most intelligent and
the most kind. Speaking of honest horses,I would say he was the epitome of an honest horse. He was my best friend.
~Grace Evens Baker~

He was a horse who was admired and respected by horsemen of all schools.
People who had Thoroughbreds admired him for his beautiful conformation and athletic structure;
Saddlebred people loved his bold, airy natural trot and magestic presence;
Quarter horsemen appreciated his deep strong quarters and powerful muscling;
dressage and hunter-jumper people liked his level temperament and balance;
novice horsemen were won over by his beauty and gentle, even disposition.
~Patricia Wren~

Aulani Rifnas *Nasik Rijm
*Rifla Rasim
Follyat Babyat Sidi
Fenzileh *Rodan
*Balkis II
Rabna Narzigh Ghazi *Rodan
Nafara *Nasik
Rabkhal Rehal Sidi
Rabk Gulastra