Rifnas x Follyat
AHR# 1801
Jan 6, 1940
Chestnut stallion
Bred by HH Reese

In his day Aulani or his half-brother, Ziyadi won all the Exhibition Arabian horse races in their time. They were unbeaten. Aulani was also a Multi-Champion Parade Horse and often lead The Columbus Day Parade in San Francisco, Calif. He was well known for producing beautiful Palamino part-arabs as well as sixteen purebred Arabian horses. Aulani is the beginning Foundation Sire in our Breeding Program.

Aulani was 15.3 3/4 hands.....glowed like a copper penny chestnut. He was a very animated horse under saddle. He would sort of spring-in-place, in a jog. His walk was very long strided and fast. His neck would be out in front, not raised up high. A perfect trail horse. Nothing would scare him, at all. His manners were perfect. When cantering down the trail, his great long strides really covered ground. Same thing at the trot and extended trot. Boy would he fly!

Rifnas *Nasik Rijm Mahruss
Rose of Sharon
Narghileh Mesaoud
*Rifla Rasim Feysul
Rim Astraled
Follyat Babyat Sidi Khaled
Rosa Rugosa
*Baraza Razaz
Fenzileh *Rodan Harb
*Rose of Sharon
*Balkis II El Hassan