Aur Mystique

Aulrab x GF Silver Mystery
AHR #525508
Mar 25, 1994
Grey stallion
SCID Clear
80.32% Crabbet/Blunt ECAHS Verified
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Aur Mystique has the brilliant trot of his legendary sire, Aulrab.
Mystique's first colt, Mystic Aulrab (out of Aurieha) was sold to Johan Theron of the Yentl Stud of South Africa.
Aur Mystique is without a doubt the tallest horse that we have ever bred. At 16 hands, barefoot and with a stick and level, he is an impressive stallion. Even though he is tall, Mystique radiates fine Arabian type and style. He has the qualities and breeds them on, to produce outstanding Sport Horses and Performance horses of all types.

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