Galahas x Riehaba
AHR #34649
July 24, 1965
Chestnut mare

Alarieha is the basis and founding mare of Warren Park Stud. Without Alarieha, we would not exist. She gave us our Premier stallion Aulrab, Aulrab's full sister, Aurieha, (who carries on the Tail Female line of Basilisk) and our *Lewisfield Magic daughter, Magic Alarieha, dam of two time Reserve National Champion Dressage stallion, Aul Magic +/ (also an approved Trakener Sire).

Alarieha's blood is found in most of our stock, especially in the most brilliant moving of our horses. Alarieha was extremely light and airy in her movement. She appeared to hardly touch the ground when moving. She had extreme hock and knee action, with great length of stride. She always gave these traits to her foals. This type of "Natural" action is very hard to find in the world, today !

Alarieha was so very kind and gentle in nature. She preferred to choose her "people". She wouldn't just walk up to anyone. Of those she loved, she was an in-your-pocket type of mare. She was an excellent mother and has passed this down to her daughters.

Galahas Tahas Rahas Gulastra
Tamma Rifnas
My Gala Galahad Gezan
Anamait El Kumait
Riehaba Abu Farwa Rabiyas Rahas
*Rissletta Naseem
Amrieh Kasar Letan
Waban Rahas